With a leadership team that specialises in awards ceremonies, we can help you with:

Venue Finding: We can help source suitable venues for your awards - any size from 100 to over 1,500 attendees.

Full Event Production: from stage and set design, lighting, sound and video production, we have it covered.

Catering: We’ve a large network of suppliers suitable for all budgets. With our connections to branded drinks companies, we are able to provide a large discount on supplying Champagne, fine wine, beers, cocktails/mocktails and spirits.

Nomination and submissions: we can provide a ‘white label’ nomination site for nominees to send their submissions to. Award writing: We’ve got vast experience in writing submissions for our clients. This will save you a lot of valuable time and increase your chances of winning.

Event Scripting & Copywriting: We will help design and deliver on any scripts required for the event including keynote speeches and content for roundtable discussions.

Trophy Design & Procurement: We can help design and source beautiful bespoke awards suitable for the event. Event PR: We can manage the entire event PR - media liaison and press article collation. We can also manage key guests and their associated PR with the event too.

Event Publications: We design and supply event publications such as brochures, menus and programmes in both printed or digital format.

Travel Arrangements: We can arrange VIP guest travel and accommodation.

Awards Management